Thursday, January 17, 2013

So, Here's a good place to Start

        Talk about unfinished business! About 24 years ago, my friend Sarah (amazing seamstress) and I decided to take a quilt piecing class. The project was a wall hanging. Great! not too big - easy to complete - (haha).  We had a blast doing the hand piecing and all the cutting. I even used some fabric (the dark red that you see) that I had used to make a maternity dress that I wore while pregnant with my second child.  I got the piecing done - just needed to quilt it! I would use the wall hanging for her room. Cute, and not too baby-ey.

        Well, taking care of two kids, and then a third, kind of got in the way of that. One day when Evie was no longer a baby, I came across my "Project". Okay then, I'll turn it into a twin bed sized quilt! I'll just add onto the wall hanging until it's big enough! So - I got out what remained of the dress fabric, and found some coordinating fabrics and added the triangular border you can see in the picture. Of course, that wasn't large enough NOR was it the right shape. I would have to keep adding. No problem. And I still had that maternity dress that I could cut up! Now, let's just put it this in this bag, and I'll get to it later...

        24 years later, this project's time may finally have come.  My daughter is now expecting a baby of her own (my first grandchild ) and I think I will finish it as it is, and it will be a blanket for the new baby. My daughter likes vintage things, so we're good there. I just hope the fabric holds up after all these years. And if I don't get it done right away, no worries. I still have that dress in case I need the fabric - it can become a twin sized bed quilt!

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