Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Clash of Projects

Before I post on the current unfinished business (which is another baby quilt), let me state  that I am only an occasional quilter. I do like to make them for babies, and the one I am posting about today is for my nephew and his wife, whose baby is due way sooner than I remembered. Thus, I am scrambling to get it cut out and out together. It has a sports theme (the University of Louisville and the Philadelphia Eagles, my nephew's favorite teams), which I cannot readily relate to but which they requested and which will provide nice bold colors for a baby's room.  U of L is black and red, hence the two fabrics you see in the picture.

However, after I had washed the pieces and went to iron them, I realized I had another UFO on the ironing board. - A needlepoint pillow I have had for years, and  finally finished stitching several months ago. I had come across it while going through some bags the other day, and decided to go ahead and block it so that I could finish it.It's been on the board for a few days. It's a reproduction of a Persian miniature painting. Luckily, it will still match my living room, since my color sense seems to have remained the same over time. So I had to take it off in order to press the quilt fabric. Now it's in the queue.

Here is the printed fabric that I have for the baby quilt for my nephew. It will be the first of the Unfinished Business that is completed, because that baby is due soon. You can see that I have the red squares cut, and the basic plan graphed out. I will be doing a tied quilt, because it's fast, and I like the way they look.

Back to work now - ready to eliminate one thing from the stack!

See you soon,



  1. That needlework is awesome! Glad to know someone else has a number of UFO's...I have a bin of them. I keep thinking, I'll do a UFO, then a new project...then a UFO...etc. to try and give myself incentive to finish these things finally!

    1. Hah! Julie, I have often had the same plan - the number of UFOs seems to increase geometrically, though, while the finished projects pile inches along...