Sunday, January 20, 2013

Backing up a bit

    The thing that prompted me to come up with this idea for a blog was a decision one day to try to clear out some things in what I call my "playroom".

     Among the items I found that day was a bag of yarn and instructions for a simple yet very nice knitted scarf. Several months ago on an Afternoon of Great Indulgence, I had visited the one remaining local yarn shop here in Louisville with my daughter and our friend, R. R and I had spotted a lovely store sample of this very scarf and fell in liking-a- lot with it. Actually, it must have been love, because the yarn was pricey but OMG it was such a great scarf! And the colors were so pretty! only took two skeins, and we were in that state of I - will- if -you- will that sometimes happens when shopping in a group. So we did. R went home and made hers. I put mine in the playroom. Under something.

    A week or so ago when I found it I decided to tackle it. R had told me that she had wished that the ties were a little longer, that it didn't seem like there was enough yarn to make it as long as the one in the store. I had already gotten halfway though the darn thing when I remembered this- too far to rip or put down. It turned out that while the sign at the yarn shop had indicated that it took  two skeins, the yardage required by the instructions indicated three. I needed another skein. The shop is pretty far away , so I ordered the extra online; got it, wound it, knitted it - done! Based on my friend's comments, I did lengthen the ties by about 9 rows.Another one bites the dust!

    The yarn is "Seduce" by Berroco, a blend of  Rayon, linen, silk and nylon, in jade. It's all done in garter stitch, which is lovely in its simplicity.The scarf feels wonderful and drapes beautifully, as evidenced by the pictures of Teddy and my antique clock wearing it. My hair was wet, and I wasn't wearing any makeup when I was taking the pictures, so they are standing in for me. It's a little distressing to realize that the clock and I are somewhat the same shape.

    Side note: the white background? A UFO - an 18th c. shirt that I started and then discovered that the material had weird rust marks on it. So this one is not my fault and doesn't really count, right?
      And Teddy is a project I actually completed in a timely manner back when I had time to do things like make Teddy bears just because. Like when I was about 22. Does that make him an antique, too?

All the best,



  1. That is really lovely, I can definitely see why you fell in love.

    And I like the strategy of letting your friend beta test the pattern....will have to remember that ;-)

  2. Thanks, Amy - I wish I could say I planned it that way ;).